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2017 Memorial Service


Sunday, September 24, 2017
1100 hours



The parade will form up on Wellington Street, and at 1020 hrs, will STEP OFF. The parade will move east onto Wellington Street to the west entrance of Parliament Hill, proceed to the West Block, turn left then right onto the front lawn of Parliament Hill. The Service will be conducted followed by a march past of the headdress of the fallen officers. The parade will continue to the West Block, turn left to the west sloped driveway, turn right and then proceed up behind the West Block and break off.


Participants may park at the Supreme Court Building to the west of the main building, off of Lyon and Wellington Streets. (No vehicles are permitted on “The Hill”.)


Parade Marshall Sgt. Pat Malone and assistants will form the parade into five companies with a pipe band and a colour party leading each company (see note). As a result of the outstanding turn out, which is growing every year, we will form each company into five ranks.

The pipe bands and colour parties will form up before the band warms up. The form up will be between 09:00 and 10:00 hours with unit commanders being positioned in front of their respective police service. The senior officer shall also be positioned in front of their respective units.

Units will form up in four ranks facing east. All companies will be at close order dress prior to moving off. At 1020 hours the Parade Marshall will call the parade to “ATTENTION”, and “QUICK MARCH”. 'One (1)' Company will follow the Honour guard assigned to the officers carrying the Hats. Thde remainder of the Companies will stand fast until advised to step off by the Parade Marshall.

Once on “The Hill” each company will follow their band and form up in a line. The bands will move off to form in a mass band formation along the east driveway. The Company Commanders will give the “HALT” and “LEFT TURN”. The Ottawa Police will provide marshals to ensure each company stays in their designated location and will provide an escort and traffic control for the parade.


Motorcycles will line up on Wellington Street at Bank and proceed to the Hill, East Block Road by 1000 hours. Park facing West Block on the west side of the East Block Road.


Members shall wear the order of dress dictated by their organization. Headdress will remain ON for the entire service.


The Memorial will provide pillows. Hats are to be provided by the organization of the officer being honoured.


Following the parade, receptions are held in the Centre Block, Parliament Hill and the Ottawa Police Club. “No Firearms” are permitted at either location.


The administrator for the parade and service is under the authority of the Memorial Service Committee.


(1) The service will take place on “The Hill” rain or shine. Please have appropriate dress.

(2) Because of the size of the group, and the complexity of the site the five companies will be marching four abreast. This may be adjusted to ranks of six based on numbers on September 29, 2013.

(3) Possible formation for 2017 (may change because of numbers)

(A) Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Ottawa Police
(B) Ontario Provincial Police, Quebec Police & the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
(C) Peace Officers and Military
(D) Ontario Municipal Police (from A to L)
(E) Ontario Municipal Police (from M – Z) and other Provinces

Further information can be addressed to:

Memorial Service Committee
100-141 Catherine Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1C3
Fax: 613-231-3254

Contact Terry Welsh, Service Coordinator, directly at:

Or Parade Commander Sergeant Pat Malone:
Telephone: 613-818-7952
E-mail: malonep@ottawapolice.ca

2017 Memorial Schedule of Weekend Events

Click on the link above to download the official schedule of the Weekend Events for the 2014 Memorial


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